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Sean John Unforgivable

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Fragrance House : Sean John
Fragrance Name : Unforgivable
Gender : Men
Official Site : Sean John

Prologue :

A prologue first, boring maybe, but well you have to read it though. For the past week I have been confused about which fragrance should I review first, since the two choices are fragrances that causes mass hype in Todays Fragrances World, it’s also very expensive -the more expensive the price, the higher the temptation for me to review it. They are :
1.Narcisso Rodriguez for Him
2.Sean John Unforgivable

Unfortunately, I dont have much money to waste just to taste the liquor of both fragrance and review it, there’s no one supporting my expensive hobby (hmm… I should think of getting some sponsorships here).

Maybe I could go to perfume counter in those famous mall and ask the salesgirl to spray some tester for me, but I kinda lazy this day.

Then I try to contact all of my networks, and Fortunately they have several vials for those two fragrances, Yeah, I’m just one lucky bastard.

Finally, I choose Sean John Unforgivable to review first.


Review :

Sean John Unforgivable was created by Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy launched under the name of the fashion brand he created Sean John in partnership with Este Lauder Companies.

The Marketing Campaign was enormous, it pick a slogan for Sean John unforgivable Life Without Passion is unforgivable, which makes me expect more quality from this Sean John Unforgivable (The truth Sean John Unforgivable is just another ordinary scents, I’ll explain it later).

Sean John Unforgivable falls into Aromatic Fougere category. Top notes terdiri dari perpaduan Sicilian Lemon, Champagne Accord dan Morrocan Tangerine. Menyeruakkan kesegaran yang Fresh dari perpaduan Sicilian Lemon, Moroccan Tangerine dan nuansa aromatic dari Champagne Accord. Pada Top Notes ini pun sudah mulai tercium nuansa spicy dari Heart Notes yang berasal dari Clary Sage Aromatic and Sensual.

Heart Notes terdiri dari Mediterranean Air, Iris, Clary Sage dan Lavender, memberikan kesan Clean yang berasal dari campuran Iris dan Mediterranean Air, sedangkan Lavender dan Clary Sage semakin memperkaya nuansa spicy yang muncul, though I didn’t like Clean scents that blend with Spice.

Base Notes terdiri dari Cashmere wood, Sea Moss, Amber dan Tonka Bean yang membuat aroma spicy mulai menghilang dan berganti dengan nuansa woods yang berasal dari campuran Cashmere Woods, Sea Moss dan Tonka Bean.

Kesan yang didapatkan dari pengguna Sean John Unforgivable ini adalah pria yang Elegant, Sensual and Passionate. Figur yang tepat menggunakan Sean John Unforgivable adalah Christian Bale[/url as [url= ... .282008.29]Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman Batman The Dark Night. Daya tahan parfum ini sedang saja, maksimal 6 jam.

Lebih cocok digunakan di malam hari atau pada candle light dinner, akan menyempurnakan penampilan anda malam itu. Ada 1 teman wanita di kantorku yang sangat menyukai wangi Sean John Unforgivable. Untuk kisaran umur cocok digunakan pada usia 24-32 tahun.

Sisi positifnya, Design botol Sean John Unforgivable ini memang bagus, cocok untuk melengkapi koleksi botol parfum anda.

The Downside is, Sean John Unforgivable despite causing the mass hype in Today’s Fragrance World and get many awards, I think its scent just ordinary. Its the marketing campaign that make Sean John unforgivable being a successful fragrances. Though the slogan Life Without Passion is Unforgivable, but I think it is Unforgivable for Sean John Unforgivable to smell not better than Ralph Lauren Polo Black. Yes, I absolutely like Polo Black than Sean John Unforgivable -Polo Black smells better. Not to mention that Sean John Unforgivable also overpriced.

Either way, Sean John Unforgivable ini berhasil mendapatkan beberapa Awards, yaitu
dari 8th Annual Basenotes Awards (2008) untuk kategori Best Fragrance Packaging dan kategori Best Celebrity Fragrance, juga dari Fifi Awards 2007 untuk kategori Fragrance of The Year Men’s Luxe.

Fresh, Clean, Sensual, Elegant, Passionate. May The Scent Be With You.

Top Notes :
Sicilian Lemon, Champagne Accord, Morrocan Tangerine

Heart Notes :
Mediterranean Air, Iris, Clary Sage, Lavender

Base Notes :
Cashmere lwood, Sea Moss, Amber, Tonka Bean

Scent Rate : Image
Scent Strength : Image(Moderate)
Scent Life : Image (6 Hours)

Recommended Age : Mature
Classification : Aromatic Fougere

Recommended Use :
Image Image Image


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