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Bvlgari Man

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Fragrance House: Bvlgari
Fragrance Name: Bvlgari Man
Gender: Men
Official Site:

Prologue :
Bulgari Man dilaunching pada tahun 2010, yet i haven’t finished my review... Not because im bored... Its difficult to describe it in words, complexity and unique scent that this fragrance has achieved bothered me. Finally, today i’ve finished my review of Bulgari Man... Here it is....

Review :


Top Notes diawali oleh perpaduan kesegaran citrus floral dari Calabrian Bergamot, Violet leaves, Lotus flower, White Pear, very well blended. Aroma musk yang light dari base notes pun mulai tercium pada top notes ini.

Heart notes bernuansa light woody merupakan kombinasi dari White wood, Vegetal amber, Sandalwood , Cashmere wood, Vetiver dan Cyprio. Pada heart notes ini wangi citrus floral mulai mereda dan menonjolkan nuansa woody yang light namun terkesan dry dan warm, begitu unik.
I love it....

Base notes terdiri dari Resin of Benzoin, Oliban Tonka bean, White honey and Musk menyeruakkan aroma tonka bean, honey yang manis tersamar musk dan benzoin.

Kesan yang didapatkan dari pengguna Bulgari Man ini adalah pria yang Charismatic, Modern, Elegant, Sophisticated – a man who have strong heart, mind, body and will. For the very first time in writing review, i’m losing words, imagine Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale and Skyfall.

Daya tahan Bulgari Man ini sekitar 8-10 jam. Untuk kisaran umur cocok digunakan pada usia 25-45 tahun pada office hours, malam, tie & dress event dan romantic moment.

Though the scent isn’t original (it reminds me of Bulgari Pour Homme Soir), I have to give thumbs to Alberto Morillas (the creator of this fragrance) for finding a way to alter the common citrus musk fragrance and creating a top notch breed fragrance. Bulgari Man definitely sit on top of other bvlgari citrus musk/musk fragrance i.e bulgari ph soir, bulgari blv... superior, in different league, miles ahead.

This is my new favourite, a signature scent that perfectly defines me... (my only worriness is after you and a bunch of other guys read this will buy it, wear it everyday, everywhere... then it becomes a hype where i could smell it in every place... Mall, cafe, cinemas, offices, gym...euwh... i surely would have to find another new signature scent... so please, keep this a secret....)

Bulgari Man, A Must Buy Fragrance untuk pecinta aroma woody dan musk, worthy addition to your fragrance arsenal, Charismatic, Modern, Elegant, Sophisticated.

May The Scent Be With You and stay tuned in & as more reviews coming along.

Top Notes : Calabrian Bergamot, Violet leaves, Lotus flower, White Pear
Heart Notes : White wood, Vegetal amber, Sandalwood , Cashmere wood, Vetiver, CyprioL
Base Notes : Resin of Benzoin, Oliban Tonka bean, White honey and Musk

Scent Rate: Image
Scent Strength: Image (Moderate)
Scent Life: Image (8 - 10 jam)
Recommended Age: Mature
Classification: Woody Oriental

Recommended Use:
Image Image Image Image


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